Chicago Fire
Insurance Patrol

Chapter 2
Chicago Fire Patrol
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                             The Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol
                   Chapter 2

Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol,Chicago Fire Patrol, Fire Patrol, History of the Chicago Fire  Patrol

Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol
In Fire Insurance Patrol 5's cover room, the Fire Insurance Patrolmen
practice using a salvage cover as a life net.

History of the Chicago Fire Patrol, Chicago Fire Patrol, Fire Patrol,Chicago fire insurance PatrolThe Chicago Board of Underwriters, in the summer of 1871, decided to develop their own insurance supported Fire Patrol like many large cities of the time were doing because of the large number of fires and high losses that were occurring. (Author’s note: The use of high volume steam engine pumps by the Chicago Fire Department, which in many cases caused more damage than the fire itself, may have been another factor for the organization of the Fire Patrol). A committee of three was formed from within its members and consisted of Chas W. Drew, of the firm of local agents Miller and Drew; Arthur C. Ducat, representing the Home Insurance Company of New York and general agent in Chicago; Thomas Buckley, secretary to the Home Mutual Insurance Company of Chicago. These men were instructed to organize and perfect the newly formed operation. The Board, looking for a man capable of managing the Fire Insurance Patrol, turned to Chief Fire Marshal Robert A. Williams, for his recommendation. On July 8th, Williams’ former driver and aide, Benjamin J. Bullwinkle, was appointed Captain of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol. Captain Bullwinkle immediately left for New York to study the operations and equipment of the New York Fire Patrol because they were the first Patrol established and were considered experts in the field. After three weeks experience, he returned home confident that he would be able to make the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol a success. The Fire Insurance Patrol’s apparatus was not ready when he returned so the committee assigned him the task of inspecting buildings. He performed this task so efficiently that the committee had second thoughts about removing him from this important job. The Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol was organized on September 30, 1871 and officially went into service in their new red wagon on Monday, October 2, 1871. The Fire Insurance Patrol roster at the time of inception was: B. B. Bullwinkle, F.J. Gabriel, D. F. Donnelly, C. C. Donnelly, C. G. Emory, John Cochran, Thomas Soden, William Gough, Thomas Woodworth, and William Atkins.

   Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol,uniform badge,Chicago fire patrol,fire patrol,fire insurance patrol     Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol,uniform hat badge,chicago fire patrol,fire patrol,fire insurance patro
           Uniform coat badge 100                           Uniform cap badge 100

Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol,Chicago fire patrol,fire patrol,history of the chicago fire insurance

Lt. Michael Kinsch giving a speech at a Chicago fire Insurance Patrol
fire prevention semimar


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